Author: Wanda Weaver

Different Types of Fitness That A Human NeedsDifferent Types of Fitness That A Human Needs

Fitness refers to the ability to the efficient working of body parts and performs daily living activities. Fitness gives efficiency to work daily possible activities. A fitness person can be able to do all his work without any struggles and has a physically fit body. A fitness person can be able to help or save others during dangerous situations. So fitness is very important for everyone to keep our body fit and healthy.

Kinds of Fitness

There are three kinds of Fitness – Aerobic Fitness, Physical Fitness, and Mental Fitness.

Aerobic Fitness

Aerobic means “Oxygen”. Aerobic fitness refers to the increase in the amount of oxygen that is supplied to our muscles to work stronger and longer. Aerobic activities improve your functions of the heart and lungs.

Muscle Strengthening

Muscle Strengthening refers to the strength of stronger muscles that can have the ability to do heavy jobs. We can strengthen our muscles by weight training, simple exercises like push-ups.


While exercising, our muscles are repeatedly shortened. So, flexibility comes from stretching, which is a result of physical fitness. To counteract the repeated shortening, muscles need to be slowly and regularly stretched by either yoga or Jiu JItsu.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is very important for our human body. Children, teenagers, and adults need regular physical activity to maintain the perfect healthy body. Fitness promotes good health and maintains the perfect Body Mass Index (BMI) ratio. Here, I can share some important benefits of physical fitness.

Increase Life Expectancy

Several studies state that regular physical workout increases life expectancy. People can live longer and healthier when they do physical activity every day. Physical inactivity leads to an increased risk of cancer, chronic diseases, and other health problems. Physical fitness keeps a person always active and healthy.

Reduce The Risk of Injury

Agoge Jiu Jitsu suggests physical activity increases bone density, muscle strength, stability and effective blood circulation level. It may reduce the risk of getting injured due to the strength of body muscles. For example: If you fall down, the injury may not occur due to stronger muscles and better balance.

Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness for our human body. Mental fitness activities will keep our brain and heart calm. You can do some regular mental exercises such as reading, daydreaming, playing games to improve your mental fitness. For better mental health, you must stop multitasking activities. Because multitasking creates more problems that will make your mind frustrated. Mind concentration can be improved by focusing on a single task. Positivity is another way to increase mental health. Don’t get panic or anger in abnormal situations.

Always be optimistic and see positive things around you. It will give you more silence, calm, and happiness. New exercises may help you to get better mental fitness such as trying new foods, visiting new places, trying new ways to accomplish tasks, playing chess, and sudoku games. Doing new things may produce new brain cells in our body. Playing games is the best way to improve your brain muscles. These are some of the best ways to improve your mental fitness.